Building a Stand Out Profile

Are you a PT that has just registered with Training Nation? If yes, then congrats, your profile can now be seen by the entire growing UK health & fitness community.

With new PT’s signing up daily the question you now should be thinking is “how do I stand out from the crowd?”. With a little time and effort you can greatly improve your chances of being contacted by your new potential clients.


Where to begin:

Ensure your basic profile information is completed and all the information is accurate. Return to your profile and update it as and when necessary. It is extremely frustrating contacting someone only to find out the information they have provided is wrong.

Put some thought into the profile picture you select. Training Nation is a platform for you to promote your professional services, make sure your selected picture is representative of this fact. It is worth mentioning that Training Nation regularly promotes registered PT’s on their social media platforms, more often than not using the users profile picture.


Next comes your Bio:

This is your opportunity to really sell yourself as a personal trainer. Include your interests and achievements. Remember, people will be choosing a personal trainer to help them achieve their fitness goals, this will be a close and personal partnership, people are not looking for a robot. Write this in first person to keep it human and relatable. Let your potential client know why you want to help them, no one wants to work with someone who sees them only as a paycheque.

You also have the opportunity to talk specifically about your experiences training clients with disabilities and/or other health issues. For many people out there this is a serious concern and if you are experienced in this area, you should reassure them that they are safe in your hands. Of course, if you do not have experience here, do not state that you have. The safety of all users is paramount.


Enhancing your profile:

Encourage your clients to write positive testimonials on your profile. PT’s that come highly recommended are much more likely to be contacted by potential new clients.

You also have the ability to upload images & videos to your personal gallery and contribute blog articles to the platform. Well written and informative articles are selected to feature on the platforms own blog feed, which is promoted on all the platforms social media channels – don’t waste this chance to better engage with the community and further your chances of gaining new clients.

As a final reminder, make sure you double check your spelling and grammar. If you do not take yourself seriously, how can you expect anyone else to, let alone pay you for your services.

For the safety of all users, it is insisted that you upload your qualifications and insurance documents, your profile will not be published unless you do so.



  • Start with a good picture! People like visuals and your profile picture is the most important one.
  • Keep your profile human and relatable.
  • Increase your standing on the platform by taking advantage of all opportunities to further promote yourself such as creating a great image gallery and contributing to the blog articles.
  • Encourage your clients to leave positive reviews on your profile.

*The views and/or opinions expressed in the blogs are not necessarily those of Training Nation, but of the author

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