Taking that first step

I wasn’t always into fitness in fact i was the complete opposite i was lazy, i smoked and wasn’t really into anything a part from sitting around on my bum….in fact truth be told i couldn’t even run the length of myself even when i was in the RAF and TA.

So where and how did it all begin?? Tough Mudder is what made me join my first gym Fit4less in late 2012 and by early 2013 I’d left them and went to Virgin Active and started getting a bit of a bug for but with still no clue what i was doing or even the fact that i wanted to pursue a career in health and fitness. Did my first Tough Mudder late that year and loved it even though i found the running side of tough as i still smoked, but made it none the less. It wasn’t until the start of 2014 that it really started to take off and take shape!!

I started my first career at home with a Beachbody programme called Insanity!! 60 days of high intense training with no equipment but myself and boy was it an eye opener!! It was then that i knew this is what i wanted to do, i got amazing results in just 60 days so i thought to myself imagine the results i could get other people if i helped them. So end of March 2014 I became an Insanity Instructor and so began my journey into the fitness industry.

Later on that year i did my Level 2 Fitness Instructor course and started studying for my level 3 Diploma in personal training….Fast forward 4 years to the now all Qualifications done and I’m in the best shape i have ever been at nearly 40 and there is still more to come. I’ve completed 4 Tough Mudders, 5 Ultra Marathons ( 2 of which are back to back marathons none stop ) Entered the 2018 CrossFit open and have more competitions lined up for 2018 & 2019. I get and understand first hand the struggle we all face, i did it alone with just the support from my family but you don’t have to…..Together We’re Stronger, Together We’ll Succeed !!

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