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Nicola is a leader in Health and Fitness. Through her classes, she inspires you to be the best version of you by getting fitter and stronger. She also hosts her own Podcast and Radio show on 91.8 Hayes fm where she discusses her passion. Having been in the fitness Industry for over 12 years Nicola’s approach is non conventional.

The diet industry is nearing a worth of £220 Billion. With diet pills, body wraps, shakes and fat burners, they use clever adverts, designed specifically to make us feel bad about ourselves in order to motivate us to buy their products. The fitness industry does the same by only using ‘fit’, ‘lean, ‘ripped’ bodies that ‘look the part’ to motivate you to want to change yourself!

Nicola believes that without the negative impact the media has on us and our bodies, we wouldn’t feel the need to diet. Dieting in 95% of people causes extra weight gain and with clever marketing people feel that when they fall off the waggon, that they somehow failed. When in fact the diet failed. Diets don’t work.

Nicola is passionate about promoting REAL health not just aesthetics and picture ‘perfect’ bodies. Nicola is on a mission to change the face of the fitness industry by using real fitness models and not air brushed or dieted bodies.

Nicola has suffered with Bulimic, Body Dysmorphia and Orthorexia and throughout her years in the fitness industry also competed in Body Building (use body building pic attached). In doing this she learnt the truth about dieting and became an Ambassador of the Body Image Movement and advocate for Health at Every Size-Linda Bacon.

Nicola found a way out of endless diets and body hatred and the importance of being true to who you are, you are more than a body.

You are a Mum/Wife/Boss/Entrepreneur, whoever you are, be you. be proud. Live your life to the fullest. Let Nicola help you!

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  • YMCA Level 4 specialist populations
  • YMCA Level 3 PT

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