What We Do For Trainers


Thank you for registering with Training Nation. Although, if you haven’t yet decided, read on to find out why you should. We’re sure we can convince you.

This platform has been developed to help personal trainers such as you better promote, advertise and sell your services to a much wider audience than can be achieved with just the traffic at your local gym.

The best bit is that registration is 100% free. There are no sign-up or monthly subscription fees. You are able to publish your profile, talk to potential clients and advertise your workout & nutrition plans absolutely cost-free. You only pay when you secure a paying client.

Still not convinced?  Here are 8 reasons why ALL personal trainers should register with Training Nation:

  • Grow your client base

    OK, so you don’t need any new clients right now, but at some point, you will. When that time comes you will be competing against the other PT’s who share your gym and for only a handful of potential clients. By registering with us you immediately open yourself up to a much wider audience than you might otherwise have access to.

  • develop your online presence

    Technological advancement is changing the way people work, and the way people shop. Relying purely on P2P marketing within a gym severely limits your potential client base. By developing an online presence, you immediately open yourself up to a much wider audience. Rather than over-investing your money, your time, and your energy into a private website, which ultimately will simply sit alongside a thousand other private websites, use our platform to begin developing your online presence and experience first.

  • grow your gym’s membership

    More clients for you means more clients for your gym. That’s a good thing for you and for your gym.

  • sell your programs

    You can upload and sell your workout programs and nutrition plans through our marketplace. This means you can sell to a much wider audience without the costly need of developing and marketing your own personal website.

  • publish your knowledge

    Registered personal trainers are able to contribute articles to our platform’s blog page and videos to our social media. This is a great opportunity for you to begin building a portfolio of your work, increasing your credibility within the industry.

  • access to exclusive discounts

    We have teamed up with a select few partners in the health and fitness industry to provide all registered personal trainers with exclusive discounts.

  • No contracts or restrictions

    Creating a profile does not mean you are then restricted from promoting your services on any other platform. In fact, we encourage it. The more places you have a presence, the better for you and your business.

  • You have nothing to lose

    Creating a profile, talking with potential clients, marketing your programs & plans is completely free of charge. You pay nothing until you secure a paying client. Even is you don’t need any new clients right now, in an increasingly saturated marketplace, it only makes sense to ensure that your presence is as large as possible (if you’re serious about your business that is).


Once you have registered with us, you will then be able to create your public profile, publish your blog articles and upload your workout and nutrition programs to the marketplace. Potential new clients will then be able to find you, and if you’re what they’re looking for, they can get in touch using our secure messaging system.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to constantly log back in to view your messages. All messages will also be sent to your specified email address, from which you can respond directly.

Once both you, and your client are happy you want to work together, your first one 2 one or online training session can be booked.


Whether you operate as an online coach, or as a one 2 one trainer, when a client agrees to take you on, they are required to pay £15.00 in the form of a booking deposit. This £15.00 is paid to Training Nation and acts as our fee for the introduction. You will then deduct this £15.00 from the cost of your first session.

Once the £15.00 has been paid, we will automatically release your contact details to your new client and vice versa. Your relationship with your client is then 100% between you and them.

All money from any subsequent session/sessions belongs entirely to you. The £15.00 taken by us is only applicable when you take on a new client. Our service is completely free to use until that point. In practice, that means you only pay when you have secured a paying client.

The example below refers to a one 2 one session, however, online training is treated in exactly the same way.

  • Cost per session

    Let’s assume you charge £30.00 per session.


    £30.00 X 6 = £180.00 minus £15.00

  • Number of sessions

    You take on a new client for 6 sessions

  • How much do you earn

    That’s £15.00 for a £165.00 return, not bad right?


We request that the client pays the introductory fee in the form of a deposit so that it is guaranteed that you, the PT, will never lose out. If the client fails to turn up to their session (which as you know, does happen), you haven’t lost anything.

From the client’s perspective, as you will deduct the fee from the first sessions cost, they haven’t paid anything extra for use of our service – that’s a win-win for everybody involved.



If you’re a personal trainer yourself and wish to register with us, click here to sign-up.

If you have any further questions, please view our FAQ page, or alternatively, you can contact us directly using our contact form.