What We Do


Training Nation acts as a intermediary between independent personal trainers and customers, helping people seeking to make a positive change to their lifestyle connect with the right expert to work with them along the way.

If you’re reading this then it’s highly likely you’ve already considered working with a trainer, but you’re not 100% sure where to start. Whether you’re looking for an online coach, or someone to take you through one 2 one sessions, using our platform you can chat to a variety of trainers before any financial commitments are made, ensuring that your chosen trainer fully understand your individual needs and goals, and is able to work with you in a way that best suits you.


  • Variety and choice

    It’s not difficult to find a personal trainer; the challenge is finding a trainer that is right for you! We encourage you to talk to as many trainers as you need to before committing.

  • Ease and convenience

    Rather than visiting multiple gyms or private websites, you can get all the information you need from one place, ultimately saving you a lot of time.

  • Read client reviews

    Client feedback is encouraged. You wouldn’t hire a new staff member without a reference would you?

  • Best of all… it’s free

    Only when you are committed to booking your first session is a deposit fee taken. Until then, our service is completely free of cost.


The conventional way to find a PT is to first, pay for a gym membership, then have a look at the notice board to see the available PT’s, or, which is quite common, have a PT walk up to you in the middle of a set and give you the ‘sales pitch’.

Surely this is a backwards way of working? Doesn’t it make much more sense to choose your gym membership based on the PT you want to work with, not you PT based on what the gym has to offer?

Would you choose your next car from the 10 models your dealer happens to have in stock, or would you shop around?


Whether you’re new to the gym, or are an experienced exerciser, it’s always a good idea to have a professional work with you. Do you really believe that elite level athletes would be in the shape they’re in without the help of  an experienced strength and conditioning coach?

5 reasons why a personal trainer would be great for you:

  • You aren’t getting the results you want

    A personal trainer can evaluate your exercise regime and work with you to help you achieve your goals. Repeatedly falling short of your goals is one of the main reasons people give up. Don’t let that be you.

  • You’re tired of the same routine

    If you’re fed up of doing the same routine at the gym, or just want to introduce something new and exciting to your workout, getting a personal trainer will make sure your time at the gym is fun, interesting and effective.

  • You suffer from an injury or illness

    If you have any specific requirements such as an injury, illness or ongoing condition, a personal trainer can work with you and, if necessary, your doctor, to create a bespoke plan of action which accounts for your individual requirements.

  • You need motivation

    If you work better with a spotter, supervisor or training partner, a personal trainer can work with you and provide the support and motivation you need to get through the toughest of workouts.

  • You want to create your own routine

    If you you want to build your own workout plan, a personal trainer can teach you the foundation of knowledge you need to create your own bespoke plan in the future.


Use our secure platfrom to connect with qualified and experienced personal trainers today. Once registered with us (all we need is a name, email address and password), you are free to use our service as much as you want with no limitations. In fact, we encourage you to discuss your needs and goals with a number of personal trainers before you commit to a training session to ensure that your chosen PT is the right PT for you.

Once you are happy you want to book a session, whether that be with an online coach, or with a one 2 one trainer, you will be asked to pay a £15.00 deposit. Your PT will then deduct this from the cost of the session when it takes place. Any subsequent sessions with your PT are then entirely between you and them. When the £15.00 deposit is paid, we will automatically release the contact details of your PT to you, and vice versa. Until that point, we ask that contact details are not exchanged. This is to protect both you and the PT.


If you have any further questions, please view our FAQ page, or alternatively, you can contact us directly using our contact form.